MEDi – Cloud-based clinic management software

MEDi is an all-in-one clinic management software solution for small and medium clinics. Based on the EMR platform, MEDi applies cloud computing technology, user-friendly design, easy to operate, standard design of international EMR of FHIR (HL7) and code set ICD10.

Japanese quality software

With the desire to bring Japanese quality into the management of clinics in Vietnam, MEDRiNG has built and developed MEDI software based on the EMR platform with Japanese technology and medical knowledge. MEDi applies cloud application, easy-to-use interface, FHIR’s international EMR (HL7) standard design and ICD10 code.

All-in-one solution for clinic management

MEDi is an advanced cloud-based software that allows managing all clinic-related activities online. MEDi provides an all-in-one solution with integrated features for medical practice management to serve patients with the best services. Patients Reception – Examination – Medical records – Drug Management – Payment Management – Auto Report

Increase work efficiency and reduce extra work

MEDi supports clinic operational processes faster and more effective, automating workflow with healthcare information systems. MEDi allows medical professionals to spend less time on paperwork and administrative duties so they can make better decisions regarding care and treatment.

Prevent medical errors and frauds

MEDi offers a centralized platform to store and manage patient information securely and accurately, improving care delivery. MEDi allows access to real-time data including health records, laboratory test results, appointment schedule,… reducing errors in the data management process.

Support business growth of clinic

With a multi-dimensional report system, vivid charts, detailed metrics, MEDi helps clinic owners have a comprehensive view of clinic’s operation and manage revenue, profits… in an easy way. MEDi improves clinical and financial outcomes as well as strengthens the health of communities.

MEDi supports clinic operational processes faster and more effective with integrated features to serve patients with the best services: