International, professional, and open working environment

We are committed to creating a dynamic and high-performing environment where all employees can take advantage of their strengths and unleash your full career potential.
We not only consistently enhance the expertise of our experienced employees but also nurture young talents and welcome entry-level candidates contributing to MEDRiNG’s growth. By focusing on each stage of the employee lifecycle, MEDRiNG has been able to ensure a work environment that attracts and retains top talent and ultimately contributes to the company’s overall success.
At MEDRiNG, you are given the opportunity to  tackle new challenges, immerse yourself in a global working environment.

Be a part of the supportive, collaborative and highly inclusive network of professional and proactive peers.


MEDRiNG not only develops clinic management software in Vietnamese and Japanese medical markets but also expands its corporate presence and offerings in Indonesia and Cambodia. In the future, we accelerate innovative, scalable solutions for treatment and clinic management throughout the territory of Southeast Asia.
As a pioneer in the healthtech industry, MEDRiNG has a close relationship with giants in the medical field to take on important challenges and tap into greatest opportunities.
We work with a collaborative mindset and deliver tangible, measurable, attributable impact. In addition to comprehensive medical service offerings, we collaborate with institutions in various countries to create long-term partnerships and build customer loyalty.
Growing in a global environment of a leading software company, you have a chance to be promoted and rotated to take your career to the next level.


We always put people at the center of our endeavors. Together with innovative and challenging work, we offer extensive professional development opportunities and competitive, market-based compensation.
Depending on your individual performance and company results, we offer a bonus scheme and a wide range of additional benefits. .
At MEDRiNG, you are rewarded with an adequate remuneration package that commensurates with your talent and commitment. We attract talented candidates by providing competitive salaries. In addition, MEDRiNG offers wellness benefits and programs, such as annual leave, medical and insurance coverage.


At MEDRiNG, we not only offer competitive salaries but also support for employees’ mental and physical well-being. We always try to improve the working environment, promote work-life balance and take care of the health of its employees.
We offer flexible work arrangements, arrange wellness programmes, as well as organize social and sports events every year, where all employees are invited to participate and find a sense of work-life integration.
At MEDRiNG, we place great emphasis on a healthy balance between work commitments and social and family life. We provide its workforce with employee wellness-boosting activities, programs and a happy working life that enhance work-life integration for your continuous growth in both personal and professional aspects.
We establish a variety of supporting programs and strive to promote a healthy work environment through internal communzication efforts so that every employee can work comfortably with a sense of satisfaction.
To help employees effectively maintain balance between work and their personal lives, we work to enhance and promote the use of our related programs, while striving to provide a comfortable environment that enables employees to exercise their talents fully.