MEDi Deals offers effective solutions for clients to achieve strategic objectives through mergers and acquisitions (M&A) whether they enter into new markets or pursue scale, new technology. MEDi Deals acts as an intermediary between Vietnamese clinics and Japanese medical companies. It is expected to open the door connecting the healthcare industry with modern technologies and strengthen regional collaboration for sustainable growth.

For Japanese companies, MEDi Deals provides consulting services in the acquisition of Vietnamese clinics, such as introducing investment opportunities, identifying target clients, and building negotiating strategies. In addition, with experience in clinic management, MEDi Deals will help you to operate and restructure your clinic effectively after business acquisition.

For Vietnamese clinics, MEDi Deals assists and represents clients in finding strategic clients, selecting investors and negotiating with other parties to a M&A transaction.

Together with the government to create an attractive business environment in Vietnam, MEDi Deals affirms its capacity to provide services, further strengthening the confidence of foreign enterprises. MEDi Deals welcomes acquisitions from Japanese medical institutions who want to expand into the Vietnam market, as well as from Vietnamese owners who wish to sell their clinics to Japanese companies. MEDi Deals vows to keep striving to develop into a healthcare bridge between the two countries and contribute to making healthcare accessible on a global scale.

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