Free QR code for appointment booking on MEDi

Hanoi, November 23th, 2023, MEDi, Japanese clinic management software, has officially released a medical appointment scheduling system using QR code.

In the ever-evolving landscape of the digital age, MEDRiNG has developed a MEDi software system, providing an all-in-one solution for clinic management based on cloud computing technology with FHIR’s international EMR (HL7) standard design and ICD10 code.

In order to increase customer satisfaction and optimize operating costs for the clinic, MEDi officially adds free QR code for appointment booking.

With a single scan, patients can proactively register appointments in a quick and convenient way.     Free-QR-code-for-appointment-booking-on-MEDi

Free QR code for appointment booking on MEDi

Simplify appointment booking process

MEDi provides a unique QR code for each clinic and it can be displayed in-store , on clinic websites, in social media posts and business cards,… After receiving the customer’s registration information, the receptionist can easily check availability in real-time, arrange appointments and proactively contact patients to remind and get appointment confirmation. MEDi enables clinics to run their business more efficiently by eliminating manual manual data entry and reducing the risk of human errors during the registration process.

Enhance patient’s experience

By simply scanning the QR code with their smartphone’s camera, patients can access the registration form right away and enter information to book an appointment immediately without physical contact. Using QR codes makes medical examination registration simple and easy, reducing patient waiting time.

MEDi empowers patients to actively participate in the treatment process, choosing a suitable appointment. By this way, it allows patients to make the decision on the method of medical treatment that suits their lifestyle and health conditions.

The integration QR code into appointment registration marks the effort of MEDRiNG staff to provide innovative solutions in the healthcare industry and improve customer experience.