healthcare technology

The healthcare industry faces challenges with automated workflows, including inefficient processes, manual tasks, and disjointed systems. Medical resources are still limited, while the quality of medical facilities varies greatly. There are people around the world who cannot access appropriate primary healthcare, leading to severe condition or sudden death.
Therefore, MEDRiNG exists to break down barriers to health. We commit to eliminating preventable deaths by delivering quality healthcare to patients, wherever they are. MEDRiNG is an intermediary to access medical services and support medical professionals in clinic management by using advanced technology. We build a smart clinic system that is accessible, dependable and a fraction of today’s cost. By integrating advanced technology into a holistic and proactive health management approach, we create better healthcare for all at any time, anywhere.
We make a significant impact on business and society with cutting-edge innovation and significantly improve the quality and accessibility of healthcare for patients.


We believe in the importance of development of clinics that provide primary care. We help clinics improve their medical standards and revenues, and as a result, they can expand their business. This will make the world where more people can get quality healthcare.
MEDRiNG not only develops clinic management software in the Vietnamese medical market but also expands its corporate presence and offerings throughout the territory of Southeast Asia such as Indonesia and Cambodia,… to accelerate innovative, scalable solutions for treatment and clinic management. In the future, we are considering developing an unmanned clinic, expanding it to other Southeast Asian countries, and reimporting it to Japan.


A big goal cannot be achieved by one person. Everyone is required to aim for the company’s goals, and sometimes needs to help each other beyond one’s own responsibilities. Acting for the whole company, not for each individual can lead to great achievements.

It is essential for everyone to proactively commit to their responsibilities, trusting and respecting each other. Having ownership leads to deeper trust among members. This cycle makes a stronger team.

In markets with high uncertainty and rapid change, reliable data is difficult to get and demand of customers is frequently changing. Instead of relying on intuition or past experiences, it is required to proactively gather primary information and act flexibly based on facts. It is essential to continually update one’s own assumptions and common sense based on facts and data.

To get into new markets, it is essential to think out of the box and try new things. Try lean attempts to maximize results with the minimum cost, and learn from failures. The accumulation of these failures & learnings will become an asset for us and differentiate us from other companies.

The value of our services and products is determined by our customers. We highly evaluate decisions made to maximize customer value, not to satisfy someone in the company. We aim not only to meet the explicit needs but also to anticipate latent needs, considering the medium and long-term development of customers. We will be a partner with customers.