MEDi, Japanese clinic management software, launches therapy feature

Hanoi, on August 8, 2023, MEDi, a Japanese clinic management software, officially launches therapy feature with outstanding improvements.

Established in 2019, MEDRiNG has become a reliable partner of clinics in Southeast Asia. In an effort to become the pioneer in the field of health-tech, MEDRiNG is constantly developing, providing innovative medical solutions to pave the future of healthcare.

With the aim of optimizing the therapy process for clinics, MEDRiNG officially launches the therapy feature of MEDi – Japanese clinic management software, improving efficiency and reducing operating costs.

The therapy feature allows clinics to offer a variety of healthcare check-up packages from basic, advanced to comprehensive examination or apply a personalized therapy that suits lifestyle and health condition of each individual.

By simplifying workflow and providing high-quality medical services, MEDi is the first choice for clinics such as small and medium-sized general clinics, ENT clinics, general internal medicine clinics, pediatric clinics, dermatology clinics, nutrition clinics, rehabilitation clinics and physical therapy clinics,…

Personalized therapy 

Based on the patient record and medical data available, MEDi allows clinics to offer personalized, customized diagnoses and therapy for patients as well as keep track of the patient’s status. The doctor indicates subclinical examination, procedures and connects directly to diagnostic radiology devices. They can optimize therapy solutions, enhance quality of comprehensive care and improve patient experience. By this way, clinics empower patients in decision-making for actively managing their own health and wellbeing.

Effective management of therapy cost

To ensure convenience and flexibility, MEDi supports different payment methods: retail payment, payment by packages or advance payment, incurred expenses,…

Easy appointment management

MEDi notifies the patient appointment schedule 24 hours in advance so reception can contact patients and arrange appropriate medical examinations. In some cases, reception can specify a therapy package.

With the new therapy feature, MEDRiNG wishes to improve service quality and enhance patient experience, while driving growth of clinics to provide affordable, quality-assured medical care at a reasonable price.

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