MEDi, Japanese clinic management software, launches a customized version for dental clinics

Hanoi, November 6th, 2023, MEDi, Japanese clinic management software, has just launched a customized version for dental clinics.

MEDRiNG is a pioneer company in the field of medical technology with MEDi – Japanese clinic management software. Taking advantage of opportunities from the digital wave, MEDRiNG is constantly delivering innovative medical solutions, paving the future of healthcare.

Following the successes achieved, MEDRiNG officially launches new dental clinic management software, providing optimal management and operation solutions for the dental clinics.

MEDRiNG officially launches new dental clinic management software
MEDRiNG officially launches new dental clinic management software

Detailed 2D odontogram

The interface is designed for dentists with a full odontogram of both adult and child. In particular, each position on the odontogram includes detailed surfaces of the tooth such as facial surface, occlusal surface and lingual surface along with image representing condition and diagnosis such as caries, implant, pulpitis, cracked teeth,… Detailed information on each specific position allows dentists to indicate x-ray odontogram, procedure or therapy for each patient.

In addition, odontogram is attached directly to examination form to help dentists and customers grasp information based on visual images. Dentists can also easily keep track of dental history.

Diverse service packages

To meet customers’ needs, MEDi offers a variety of service packages such as single examination, separate therapy, cosmetic dentistry procedures, braces package,… depending on the patient status.

Flexible payment method

MEDi software for dental clinics adds an advanced and prepaid method, allowing customers to deposit and pay in installments for each service.

Payment information including prepaid amount, payment status, discount and refund will be saved in the payment history of examination, helping the cashier to easily track revenues and expenditures.

Intuitive, comprehensive reports

The administration report shows data from treatment cases and displays it as visual charts, including: expected revenue report, treatment assignment report, service registration report, customer segment report, service and indication report. Diverse reporting systems allow dental clinics to track revenue, services and manage workflows effectively.

The launch of MEDi dental clinic management software marks an important step forward in providing advanced, modern healthcare services. With superior features and improvements, MEDi promises to become a trusted companion of dental specialists.