MEDi, Japanese clinic management software, launches a new website

In October 6th 2023, MEDi, Japanese clinic management software, officially launches a new website interface with modern design, friendly user experience and many outstanding utilities.

With the desire to build a useful information channel for customers and partners, the new website of MEDi Japanese clinic management software, has been put into operation with the domain name:

The website of MEDi Japanese clinic management software is not only a platform to provide knowledge of product and medical news, but also a channel to connect, support and answer customers’ questions in a quick and accurate way. The new website brings interesting customer experiences, especially simplifying access to extensive information.

MEDi launches a new website

Modern interface design

The web design is minimalist, elegant, and intuitive based on modern technology and language. To ensure convenience for customers in searching, accessing and sharing information, MEDi provides a friendly interface with quick operations, consistent with MEDi’s brand identity standards. Besides, the well-structured layout helps users have an overview of MEDi right from the home page to detailed pages such as products, features, blogs,…

Useful information channel

With the new website upgrade, MEDi is a complete and detailed information platform, helping customers learn about the ecosystem including all products, services, and solutions developed by MEDRiNG Vietnam International. Besides, MEDi always updates useful information about medicine and health, building a bridge for the community of professionals.

Friendly user experience

With diverse compatibility with operating systems (Windows, Android, iOS…), the website allows customers to access from many different devices such as laptops, smartphones, PC tablets… Putting user experience first, MEDi’s new website adds many outstanding support utilities and search engine optimization for each clinic and specialty. All questions and concerns are sent directly to the customer support team, meeting customer’s needs quickly.

Launching the new website is one of MEDi’s efforts towards its goal of becoming Southeast Asia’s leading digital transformation enterprise in the medical field. In the future, MEDi will continue to enhance the quality of products and services as well as develop modern technology systems to further optimize the experience and bring more conveniences to customers.

Through this launch, MEDi software offers a free 15-day trial, buy 12 months get 2 months free for all clinics.

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