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November 9 , 2021

Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Company, Limited

MSI, ReMark, MEDRiNG partner to launch

“Smart medical insurance” development project in Vietnam

Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Co., Ltd. (CEO:Shinichiro Funabiki), a member of the MS & AD Insurance Group, ReMark Japan Co., Ltd.(CEO: Gang Pei), and MEDRiNG Co., Ltd, (CEO: Kazuma Abe), will launch a project in collaboration with clinics to promote health in Vietnams.

Using ReMark’s Good Life mobile app and “AI Disease Risk Prediction Engine”, Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance is developing a new type of medical insurance that aims to lower morbidity risks by offering a health program that supervises participants’ physical activities and grant rewards to those who meet their fitness goal. The project will be rolled-out to patients of health clinics operated by MEDRiNG, a Japanese medical start-up in Vietnam.

1.Background and Purpose

With an ever increasing population and positive economic growth rate even in the COVID-19 situation, Vietnam sees a number of their young adults at risk of developing lifestyle-related diseases, partly due to lack of exercise. Moreover, that the public social insurance system forbids free choices of treatment destinations results in a market where higher quality medical services are in want.

Under such circumstances, expectations for private medical insurance are rising, Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance, in collaboration with ReMark and MEDRiNG, are grasping this opportunity to develop health-promoting medical insurance that offers discounts and rewards.

Through this initiative, the three companies share the same objective to promote health awareness, and to contribute to the diseases prevention in Vietnam.

2. Outline of Proof-of-Concept program

The participants of this program will receive regular medical examinations though MEDRiNG’s clinics in Vietnam. The examination data will first be analyzed with “AI Disease Risk Prediction Engine” developed by ReMark, and then transformed into quantified health indicators which can be shared back to the participants. This proprietary algorithm can help with early detection of morbidity risks related to lifestyle choices.

The participants will also get access to the Good Life mobile app (Vietnamese version), provided by ReMark, which uses smartphone and wearable device data such as the number of steps walked, resting heart rate and sleep time, to calculate a person’s ‘Biological Age’—a measure of physical health. By the end of the program, participants who improve their Biological Age can receive rewards such as gift vouchers from the clinics while Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance will analyze the results for further development of new insurance product.

3.Further development

This Proof-of-Concept program will allow Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance to tailor a data-driven smart medical insurance product that promotes healthy lifestyle in Vietnam. The MEDRiNG coverage aims to provide more treatment choice, better-quality medical services, and professional health advice to the Vietnamese population. Going forward, the three companies will continue to jointly accumulate know-how on the connection between disease prevention and health care to build a sustainable business model that contributes to the well-being of Vietnamese society.

About ReMark (

ReMark is a global insurance consultancy helping insurers worldwide grow sustainably. Part of the SCOR Group, we’ve reached over 1 billion people since 1984 with our data intelligence, marketing and technology solutions—like the Good Life app and Velogica underwriting software—and ran over 12,000 campaigns. Our clients include over 500 insurers including MetLife, Legal & General and eTiQa, and we’re also partnering outside the industry, with Garmin, Tencent, local governments and more. Our Global Consumer Study is the world’s largest survey of insurance consumers, published annually and relied upon by industry leaders to keep them informed on current trends in technology, health, data privacy and more.

About MEDRiNG (

MEDRiNG is a Japanese medical startup headquartered in Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, with a clinic and system development base in Hanoi, Vietnam. MEDRiNG are developing smart clinics “METiC” that utilizes IT systems in every process of operating a clinic,and developing a cloud-based medical care support system “MEDi” for the purpose of promoting digital transformation for clinics in Southeast Asia. In this project, MEDRiNG TOKYO INTERNATIONAL CLINIC (METiC), a clinic owned and operated by MEDRiNG, will be the base for verification and development.


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