Support for SDGs

SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) are global initiatives aimed at achieving 17 goals and 169 targets by 2030 in order to create a prosperous and vibrant future. We, at MEDRiNG, are thriving to support and contribute to the achievement of these goals.


Medical care is indispensable for human beings to live. However, in developing countries such as those in Southeast Asia, there are situations in which medical care is insufficient underqualified due to various reasons such as no medical center nearby, high cost, etc.

MEDRiNG has selected Vietnam as our first business destination. The country has also succeeded in controlling the new Corona virus, and its political economy is developing, with the GDP growth rate in 2020 being the fifth highest in the world. On the other hand, medical resources are scarce, and the difference between doctors and facilities across the country is large, so patients are concentrated in large hospitals. In order to solve this situation, we will focus on primary medical care at clinics. We would apply Japanese medical know-how and digital technologies such as AI, and develop a chain of clinics that maintain the quality of medical care to eliminate uneven distribution of medical care. We aim to prevent aggravation and the concentration of patients in large hospitals. In the future, we are considering developing an unmanned clinic, expanding it to other Southeast Asian countries, and reimporting it to Japan.

MEDical care

We will contribute to the healthcare for everyone by developing a chain of clinics that utilize cutting-edge digital technology.

Roles of women + Improvement of economy

MEDRiNG’s clinic in Vietnam employs many female staff, thus not only supports women at workplace but also contributes to economic development.


We will contribute to technological innovation through the AI that supports medical care that we are developing.

Goal-oriented Partnership

In order to take care patients’ health, we collaborate with various Japanese doctors and medical facilities and Vietnamese companies.