MEDRiNG On The First Front Page of Japanese Nikkei Shimbun News

2021/6/8,  Nikkei News, one of the most prestigious economic newspapers in Japan, introduce MEDRiNG JSC and its business information in Vietnam on the first front page.

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Below is the translation of the main part from the Japanese original article:

“With the aim of advanced medical care services, MEDRiNG has opened and put into operation the first clinic right in Hanoi, Vietnam with the goal of helping people here take care of their health. comprehensive health care, advice on measures to help prevent diseases related to daily living habits as well as health care services for children.

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The highlight of the clinic operated by MEDRiNG is the application of artificial intelligence (AI) technology to the examination and treatment of patients, using electronic medical records using cloud computing applications. to reduce the burden on medical staff and clinic management system.

The clinic also cooperates directly with high-end hospitals such as Toranomon Hospital (Tokyo) to provide online medical services.”